5 Ways to Save Energy This Winter

by Saori Lau The US Energy Information Administration has reported that American households that use natural gas could be spending up to 30% more on heating than in 2020. Colder temperatures, which equal an increase in energy consumption, as well as higher prices after COVID-19 are responsible for this year’s higher bills. Luckily, lowering your […]

4 Ways to Know if a Brand is Ethical

by Saori Lau How do you know if a brand is truly ethical? Nowadays, many companies will engage in what is known as “greenwashing,” a marketing strategy where brands claim to be eco-friendly, sustainable, or ethically sourced when they aren’t. As a consumer who wants to make a difference through their choices, it can be […]

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Material

Arrow and Stem products will always reflect an earth-friendly mindset. In addition to planting trees we also make sure that our products are made of Bamboo Material that is 100% Organic, BPA Free, and Biodegradable! Wild, Huh?! Why is bamboo so great for the earth anyway? Bamboo Absorbs More Carbon Dioxide Compared to Other Plants – […]

Plant a Tree and Save One

Arrow and Stem cares deeply about our planet and communities that live in it. It’s not just about avoiding hurting our planet but also building it up. For this reason, historically we have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees with every purchase made. Isn’t that wonderful!? Bamboo is already an extremely eco-friendly material, […]