Arrow and Stem

Arrow and Stem is a Massachusetts based company with a brand and vision that is about more than the product. We support and represent the community, environment, and foster inclusion. Without this core mindset we are nothing. When you see a new product become available expect to see another area where we will give back. This enables you as the customer to also contribute in more ways than one. Do you have more to say or feedback to give? You can always reach us at Inquiries@arrowandstem.com


Dual Toilet Paper Holder

This convenient and decorative dual toilet paper holder will give you a new and unique look that allows for multiple toilet paper rolls of most sizes.

Strong and Sustainable Bamboo Material

Did you know that bamboo is known to be 10X stronger than soft wood like pine and is very sustainable as it is fast growing and natural? Never worry about rust or loss of quality due to high level of humidity.


While most may use this for toilet paper, you also have the option to use the rod as a tool to hold things that hang such as car keys, a hat, headphones, and so much more.

Give Back By Planting a Tree With Every Purchase

For every purchase, we will plant a tree. While bamboo is very sustainable and grows back extremely fast Arrow and Stem feels a sense of responsibility to make sure we are helping others in the world give back to the community and environment.

High Rate of Customer Satisfaction

Not only do we give your bathroom style, add convenience, and give back to the world; but we also have a nearly 5-star satisfaction rating to prove our quality!

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