Plant a Tree and Save One

Father wearing gray shirt and shorts and son in checkered shirt and pants planting tree under sun.

Arrow and Stem cares deeply about our planet and communities that live in it. It’s not just about avoiding hurting our planet but also building it up. For this reason, we partner with One Tree Planted to plant trees with every purchase made. Isn’t that wonderful!? Bamboo is already an extremely eco-friendly material, but now adding the fact that we plant a tree just adds another layer of earthly love.

Why do we do this, you ask? Well, let’s look at it this way; 15 BILLION trees are cut down every year while only about 2 BILLION are planted. That is an INSANELY large delta between trees cut and planted so it takes more than just saving trees from being cut down to put a dent in this number. It’s about saving trees AND ALSO planting them so we want to do everything we can to reverse that number.

Why do we even care about trees? I’m glad you asked.

Here are some of the many reasons:

  • Trees Help the World Breathe – A single tree produces almost 260 pounds of oxygen every year. Overall, trees produce roughly a third of all of the oxygen in the air. To put that in perspective, two mature trees can give off enough oxygen to keep a family of four people breathing.Trees Purify the Soil Around Them

  • Trees are Essential for the Water Cycle – Waste levels in the soil are a significant problem. Pollution can leak from waste sources, such as landfills, dumps, and other kinds of disposal sites. These toxins can seep through the ground, causing significant problems for the local ecosystem and sometimes infecting local water supplies. However, some trees benefit from fighting off these toxins, absorbing them effectively and efficiently under our notice.

  • Trees are Good for our Health – If it were not for trees, then the rainwater that falls would all directly hit the ground soil, which would speed up issues like soil erosion and runoff. Instead, the trees hold the water like a sponge, regulating the water cycle by absorbing it from the soil into their roots. Water is then moved up through the trunk, serving as food for the leaves and the branches. Trees also improve the quality of the water around them much in the same that they enhance the quality of soil by absorbing toxins in the surrounding area.

  • Trees are a Crucial Habitat for Wildlife – A huge range of birds, mammals, and insects all make trees their homes. The process of human encroachment on natural habitats is an ongoing crisis. Deforestation is a major contributing factor to the extinction and endangerment of thousands of species worldwide. By keeping a few more trees, we can all do our part to slow that change.

  • Trees Combat Noise Polution – Noise reduction is becoming an important part of planning for living spaces in cities and towns. The consistently higher noise levels of more developed areas can have negative impacts on the people living there. For instance, at nighttime, higher noise levels can make it much harder to get to sleep. However, even in the day, high noise levels can contribute to stress. Trees can reduce noise levels by up to 6 decibels depending on how densely they are planted and their proximity to both the noise source and the person listening to it.

  • Trees Combat Climate Change – Trees specialize in removing the carbon dioxide that we are polluting the atmosphere with through human activity. As such, planting more and more trees could become an important strategy for reducing the impact of anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change.

NOW you know why Arrow and Stem as a brand isn’t about the product, but also about the planet! How does that sound to you!?

Anthony Field

CEO/Founder of Arrow and Stem

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