Plant a Tree and Save One

Father wearing gray shirt and shorts and son in checkered shirt and pants planting tree under sun.

Arrow and Stem cares deeply about our planet and communities that live in it. It’s not just about avoiding hurting our planet but also building it up. For this reason, historically we have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees with every purchase made. Isn’t that wonderful!? Bamboo is already an extremely eco-friendly material, but now adding the fact that we plant a tree just adds another layer of earthly love.

Why have we done this, you ask? Well, let’s look at it this way; 15 BILLION trees are cut down every year while only about 2 BILLION are planted. That is an INSANELY large delta between trees cut and planted so it takes more than just saving trees from being cut down to put a dent in this number. It’s about saving trees AND ALSO planting them so we want to do everything we can to reverse that number.

NOW you know why Arrow and Stem as a brand isn’t about the product, but also about the planet! How does that sound to you!?

Anthony Field

CEO/Founder of Arrow and Stem

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