Arrow and Stem Rebranding

I’m not sure that you noticed, but Arrow and Stem went through a recent rebranding! While our old logo, look, and feel was awesome, it didn’t represent who we truly are as a company and a culture.

Breakdown of the Logo:

  • The Bamboo Shoot represents the bamboo material we use to build out our products.
  • The Multi-Colored Waves represents our passion in diversity and inclusion. Not to mention we are a certified minority owned business.
  • The Multi-Color Waves Coming Together as One represents that we operate with diverse views but come together all as one united mission, view, and family
  • The Natural Color Scheme represents our love for nature and the planet we inhabit.
  • The Brightness in the Color Scheme represents a combination of the cool, hip, vibrant brand we are while still embracing the feel of simplicity and minimalist.
  • The Circle that Encompasses the Image represents community and those that we support along the way.

I hope this helps shed some light on who we are now and what we’re all about!

We couldn’t make this rebranding successful without the help of 3 major heavy hitter interns. Huge thanks and shoutout to them for being such rockstars in this whole transformation!

Serena Langdon-Dimidjian

Master of Art and Design

The logo, colors, font, and banner art would not be what it is without Serena! She took what the goal and mission of Arrow and Stem is and turned it into her own personal canvas. Be careful because one may mistake her for the new-age Picasso.

Ethan Barr

Web Design Jedi

Ethan designed the website from soup to nuts. He literally took something that initially looked like a stick figure car and turned it into an elaborate rocket ship. The templates, media, effects, and all that goes into the webpages came from Ethan’s magical wand.

Sara De La Espriella

Marketing Ninja and Guru

Sara was the marketing sniper and Jack (or Jill) of all trades. She provided insights and recommendations around the social media content, marketing campaigns, and web content like it was her prey ready to be pounced on. Most impressive was her ability to strategically analyze competition like a game of chess.

Anthony Field

CEO/Founder of Arrow and Stem

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